Best Dental Hygienist Schools in Michigan

Dental hygienist is now considered one of the fasted growing occupations in the United States, and it is found in many researches and surveys that the employment rate is expected to grow 38% until 2020. In case you’re also interested in starting a career in this field, make sure you pick one of the best schools in Michigan for training and completion of your course. To make a better decision, you may want to consider one of the following options.

Mott Community College

The Mott Community College has a glorious history spread over 90 years. It has now become of the finest institutes serving Genesee County as well as other surrounding communities, and offers affordable and quality educational opportunities to all the students. The College works with other area residents, business, labor government and other educational institutions to ensure that their curriculum for every degree and program is up to date, and they do the same for their dental hygienist program.

Many other colleges offer dental hygienist programs in Michigan, but the one that you find at this college is one of the very best. Not only is it accredited, it is quite comprehensive as well. With the kind of curriculum they have, it becomes easy for students to prepare well to provide preventive dental hygiene care in clinics, dental offices, healthcare and educational institutions.

They also have a variety of facilities available that make it one of the best dental hygienist schools in Michigan. They have labs and clinics where it becomes easier for students to learn a lot about oral health screenings, maintenance appointments, initial treatment appointments, fluoride application, nutritional counseling and much more.

Here, it is worth mentioning that since it is one of the best colleges for dental hygienist training in Michigan, the admission criteria should be tougher side. For instance, you will have to undertake the ACCUPLACER test and show good reading skills – or you should have at least 20 scores in your ACT test.

Delta College

It is always considered one of the very best community colleges in the United States. It promotes academic excellence and offers a number of programs and degrees courses to students, who get to enjoy a personalized learning experience at this particular college. Moreover, it is one of the finest colleges for dental hygienist training in Michigan.

You can apply for a degree in dental hygiene and once you complete it, you will get an Associated in Applied Science degree. This program provides graduates with the knowledge to provide therapeutic treatments and preventive care to patients. While studying, you will also get to learn different techniques to perform different procedures, including application of medicines (especially fluoride) to prevent tooth decay, preparing diagnostic models, reading dental radiographs, and so on.

After completing your degree at this one of the finest dental hygienist schools in Michigan, you will be considered eligible for undertaking the National as well as regional exam for your license to start working in this dental care field. However, you will only be able to find a place at this college if you follow the correct enrollment procedure. To understand it properly, you should seriously think of getting in touch with the Health and Wellness Counselor to identify the best way to start your career in this field.

It is worth mention that the college will only accept 18 students for each fall semester, which implies the fact that the admission process is quite stiff and competitive. Moreover, you should a high school graduate and fulfill other necessary requirements to enroll yourself in a dental hygiene course.

The University of Detroit Mercy

It’s one of the oldest educational institutes in Michigan, and offers a number of courses to students. They have been helping students for over 125 years, which is a testament to the fact that they have always been very careful about maintaining their quality standard. At this particular university, you can find more than 100 academic programs in a variety of fields, including business, architecture, teacher education, engineering, and dental hygiene.

Those who have some interest in starting their career in dentistry or a related field will definitely find a number of programs at this university. In fact, you can always opt for a doctoral degree – Doctor of Dental Surgery, a 7-year program. However, you can also find several graduate programs, for AEGD, orthodontics, Endodontics, and periodontics. You can also take them as one of the best dental assistant schools in Michigan, as their dental hygiene program is designed with utmost care to make it clinically oriented and community focused.

Ferris State University

It’s definitely one of the best places in Michigan to further your studies. It offers a number of degrees in a diverse range of fields. The College of Health Professions at this University offers courses and programs in different areas, including Dental Hygiene. In fact, with the kind of training facilities they have, you can easily rate them as one of the best dental associate schools in Michigan.

In total, the college offers 15 degrees and programs, but their dental hygienist program is one of the finest offerings. They have a separate department for dental hygiene where they offer degrees such as Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene, BS in Nuclear Medicine Technology, and more. The dental hygiene program at this university started in 1967. It has already helped hundreds of students start their career in this field, but they enjoy a very good reputation mainly because they have an exceptional dental hygiene clinic on campus.

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