Dental Hygienist Schools in Kansas

If you are interested in starting a career in healthcare fields, you should seriously think of becoming a dental hygienist. The good thing is that with several good dental assistant schools in Kansas, you don’t have to search too hard to find the best one. But it is important to check the facilities they have because you will have to perform certain duties as a dental hygienist, like removing soft deposits from teeth, you will need training to be able to perform every procedure in the right way.

To make a good decision, we have picked four of the very best dental hygienist schools in Kansas.

Colby Community College

Colby Community College is one of the better options for students interested in receiving dental hygienist training in Kansas. It’s located in northwest side of Kansas, and is no more than 50 miles from Nebraska and Colorado. It offers a number of facilities on its 105-acre campus – it also manages a 60-acre agricultural center to provide people with hands-on experience to better understand their agriculture-related concepts. The availability of training facilities and a laboratory is another reason why students often choose it to complete their dental hygienist training in Kansas.

They offer one of the best dental hygienist programs in Kansas – it’s not only a comprehensive program, it’s also quite affordable for students. To make things easier, they also offer students a variety of ways to finance their education, including scholarships and grants, including College Work-Study, Pell Grants, Student Loans, and more.

Many students also prefer this particular school for dental hygienist programs mainly because their graduates enjoy 100% certification exam pass rate. Along with this exceptional clinical exam pass rate, they also have low faculty/student ratio, which provides students with a chance to learn all concepts in the right way.

Flint Hills Technical College

It’s a two-year college for higher education located in the east-central region of Kansas. Since 1963, when its foundation was laid, it has been offering a platform to students in Kansas and other states a way to receive quality and affordable education.

They offer a number of programs, but you will have a brighter future if you choose them for dental hygienist programs in Kansas. During the program, you will be able to participate in a variety of supervised and planned experiences that will help you learn and master dental hygiene techniques in an effective and safe way. Not only do the faculty members demonstrate dental hygiene skills, they also teach you everything else already integrated into the curriculum.

In order to become a part of this prestigious institute, you will have to meet certain admission requirements. You need to have a background in certain subjects and go past a point value of 65 in the admission process.

Johnson County Community College

Serving as one of the finest dental hygienist schools in Kansas, it is an accredited college with a comprehensive graduate program for students to choose. In fall 2011, they accepted 21,916 students as a whole – and a few of them were also interested in becoming a licensed dental hygienist. The presence of over 1,000 full-time faculty members is something that makes this college a lot better than others in Kansas.

In total, they offer 50+ degrees as well as certificate programs on their 234 acres campus. However, many students want to enroll them into their prestigious dental hygiene program, which is not easy – the admission process is quite tough. They only enroll students in one class a year. Even if you manage to find a place, you have to deal with a tough curriculum – it’s an 83-credit hour program including four semesters. The cost also varies for students with different backgrounds. If you’re a Johnson County resident, you will be paying $85 per credit hour – it will go up to $198 per credit hour for all out-of-state students.


Wichita State University

It is the only urban-serving university in Kansas, and is a fine option for anyone looking for one of the best dental assistant schools in Kansas. They lay their emphasis on creating a mix of traditional college atmosphere and a big city to provide education in a sophisticated yet affordable manner.

They have different departments and schools, including the College of Health Professions where everyone can come for quality education in healthcare fields. The college enables students to become a part of the highest-paying, fasted-growing health careers, such as dental hygienist program. With the availability of state-of-the-art labs and equipment, they are in a position to train students in the best way possible. Since they are located in the healthcare hub of State, it becomes easier for graduates to secure jobs and internships, especially if they have completed their Dental Hygiene program.

The dental hygiene program at WSU allows student to learn important skills by getting a chance to work with experienced dental hygiene clinicians. They have a dental hygiene clinic on campus where students can offer services under committed faculty supervision and mentorship. It is important to mention that dental hygiene program at WSU is a 2-year, full-time program, which requires you to complete 4 hours in observation of experienced dental hygienist. The good thing is that class size is not huge – it’s usually around 36 students a class. To become a part of this college, you will have to meet minimum admission requirements, including a GPA of no less than 2.75 and a grade C in prerequisites.

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