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Anyone interested in dental care fields should make a decision with utmost care. They can choose to play different roles in a dental clinic, but if you want to opt for a career that is going to have a great scope in the near future, you should be going for dental hygiene. With a number of good dental assistant schools in Alabama, it is possible to get your training with ease. However, if you want to pass the licensure exam and need a job quickly, you should be picking the best dental hygienist schools in Alabama. The following are a few good suggestions for you to consider. Don’t forget to research some before making the final move.

FORTIS College

The college is considered one of the best dental hygienist schools in Alabama where students come for powerful learning and training experience. It now has a new campus because of which the college now offers a variety of diplomas, career-based certificates and degree-granting programs. The college prepares students in a way that they could start a career in business, healthcare, technology and many other trades.

As far as the dental hygienist degree is concerned, it’s one of the very best dental hygienist programs in Alabama mainly because of its comprehensive curriculum and facilities.  It allows every student to develop their lab, clinical and patient care skills by using a variety of clinical facilities. It is important to understand that a dental hygienist will have to serve a dentist at chair side, which is the reason why it is important to select a right school for dental hygienist training in Alabama. Opting for FORTIS College is a great choice because they provide you with a chance to train with their experienced faculty members and dentists in a clinic. Once you complete your degree at this college, you will be able to offer educational, preventative, and therapeutic services.

Frotis Institute in Birmingham

It is also one of the better dental hygienists schools in Alabama where you can receive your degree and acquire the training to perform different procedures with utmost ease and precision. The program will help develop all those skills that you need to show competence in a diverse range of dental office procedures. Under the strict supervision of experienced dentists, you will also be able to learn different laboratory techniques including fourhanded dentistry, preliminary exam procedures, dental charting, and keeping patient records.

You can always choose this college to receive dental hygienist training in Alabama, as they have impressive facilities and curriculum that will help everyone with the aptitude to receive proper training. The dental hygiene program will also prepare you to take a licensure exam. Upon passing this exam, you will be able to get a license, which enables you to work as a dental hygienist. Just keep in mind that tuition and fees could go up to $43,318 – though they have financial aid programs available, you may still find it a bit on the expensive side.

University of Alabama School of Dentistry

The School of Dentistry at University of Alabama started offering its services to the students in Alabama in 1948. By paying strict attention to high quality standards, they have now gained serious reputation in producing top professionals. They now offer a variety of degrees, including postdoctoral programs in more than twelve areas. They also offer a number of impressive facilities that make it one of the finest dental assistant schools in Alabama.

In terms of facilities, you will find a lot to talk about. They have modern equipment available in clinics and laboratories to make it easier for you to master every dental procedure that you will have to perform in this profession. They now have newly renovated lecture rooms, business areas, delivery systems, dental chairs, and preclinical laboratory. Right now, they have over 125,000 square feet of teaching space, with five lecture halls that use teaching aids and audiovisual equipment.

You can easily rate it amongst the finest dental assistant schools in Alabama mainly due to these facilities. You can also find library facilities that include more than 255,000 volumes along with impressive computerized services. There is a microcomputer lab that students can use to learn different concepts associated with dental hygiene and becoming an assistant. Other facilities include photocopying, interlibrary loans, information and instructional services and much more.

North Alabama Dental Assisting School

If you talk about the very first dental assisting school in this part of the world, you have to talk about North Alabama Dental Assisting School. Started offering its services in1987, they now offer a number of impressive degree and certificate programs. The dental assisting program found in this school is the oldest in the country, and it’s still the best considering the fact that students get a chance to learn by working alongside trained professionals and dentists.

The program is basically a 10-week course, and is a lot more affordable as compared to other dental assistant schools in Alabama. They also enjoy a 4 to 1 student/teacher ratio. In order to find a place with this school, you need to have a high school diploma or the equivalent. Once you have managed to pass their initial screening process, you will be able to enjoy several benefits that this program brings to all students – you will be able to study in small class size, receive instructions from dental professions, and get hands-on training in a dental clinic.

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