Dental Hygienist Schools in Ohio

With so many types of options available for students to start a career in healthcare fields, it’s never easy to make the right decision. You have to consider several things, including your interest, academic background, and the money you can spend on your college education, before making a particular career choice. A good option is to enroll yourself into one of many dental assistant schools in Ohio and complete your degree to serve as a dental hygienist.

You should know that the dental hygienist works in a dental health team and offers a number of oral hygiene services, including prevention, health education and treatment of different oral diseases. To be able to provide these services, you need training, and that’s when you can pick a popular school for dental hygienist training in Ohio.

In case you’re in some confusion about picking a college, it’s a good idea to start your research by getting to know more about the following dental assistant schools in Ohio.


Blue Ash College at University of Cincinnati

When looking for one of the very best dental hygienist schools in Ohio, you have to put your money on the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College. Established in 1967, the college offers a 2-year long program that earns you an Associate of Applied Science Degree. During the program, every student will get to learn skills, knowledge, and attitude required to successfully play their role in the oral healthcare system.

One testament to the quality of education being offered by this school is that almost 100% of new graduates manage to complete licensing examinations – and they are also able to find employment with ease. That’s mainly because the program is designed to provide students with a range of educational experiences that are suitable for diverse learning styles. They have a competency-based system in place, which is of immense importance in maintaining a constructive learning environment.

The presence of qualified faculty is another plus point, as it allows students work in laboratories and proceed with evidence-based research. This is why this college offers the best dental hygienist training in Ohio. They get full training along with the knowledge and decision making skills to diagnose, understand, strategize and implement the preventive, clinical and educational services involved in this profession.

Columbus State Community College

It can also be ranked as one of the very best dental hygienist schools in Ohio because their program allows students to learn specific skills to perform different dental services successfully. Upon completion, the graduates can find an easy entry into the dental health profession.

The program available at this college lays its emphasis on preparing students to meet a variety of oral health care needs. What you should bear in mind is that the admission process is quite strict – it’s selective and limited. In total, there were 25,854 students were enrolled during the autumn session in 2012. However, once you have completed the program, you will be able to sit of the regional, state and national examinations for licensure – and it’s usually easier to pass the exam because you receive quality education in class sizes no greater than 19 students a class.

Cuyahoga Community College District

Originally started in 1963, it is the very first community college in Ohio – as well as a premier institute for top class dental hygiene training in Ohio. Not only is it one of the finest colleges in this part of the world, it’s the largest public community college in this part of the world. It has been offering affordable, high quality education for over 50 years now, and has already served 900,000 community members.

The dental hygiene program at this particular college is another great offering to the community. Not only is it quite comprehensive, it is quite affordable too. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that they offer one of the finest dental hygiene programs in Ohio. They always try to achieve their mission through the dental hygiene program, which is to provide every student with top-notch dental hygiene education, so they could find it easy to secure a job in diverse fields. The admission criteria may feel a bit strict, but you will be able to find a place with good GPA and impressive interview.

Lakeland Community College

It started working in 1967 and has the honor of being the very first college in this part of the world that came into being by a vote of the people. It serves as a community college with its emphasis laid on making higher education accessible for all. Their mission statement is quite impressive and revolves around educating, enriching and empowering students in a way that could perform their duties as a licensed dental hygienist.

In the Department of Dental Hygiene, they have their focus fixed on producing such professionals who can think critically and understand different problems to make quick decisions. To be able to receive this level of education, it is important that you apply only if you meet certain requirements. You will have to meet with a college counselor or the Director of Admissions to learn about the changing admission criteria. You should submit official transcripts to inform about the universities or colleges you may have attended – don’t forget to keep a copy of your SAT or ACT scores.

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